Our services and how we help

Data and Analytics is under constant change and evolution. Long-lived fundamentals are being questioned with new technologies and ways of working that promise to relieve pain points felt for many years.

At Data Edge we acknowledge both the old and the new and our services aim to help you drive value from your data, regardless of your starting point.

The core of what is needed can be summarized in collaboration between different disciplines and a way of working that focuses on identifying and enforcing applications that create value.

See below how we help and, further down, examples of projects we have helped customers with.

How we help

Strategy & Leadership

Like in most areas it is hard to be successful in data analytics without a clear vision of where to go, how to get there and solid leadership to ensure progress. We help with defining clear objectives, develop effective strategies and provide guidance during the journey towards the desired outcomes.

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Value realisation

Ultimately no value is ever created without practical and working solutions that create tangible business outcomes. We help with creating value by designing, building and implementing end-to-end solutions.

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Capabilities & Organisation

Successfully delivering valuable solutions requires three core capabilities; storing and managing your data, using the right analytics to create insights and setting up the business to take the correct decisions. We help with identifying and implementing the needed capabilities and make sure that the organisation is set up correctly.

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Ways of working

The data and analytics space is under rapid development and adapting processes and ways of working to get full benefit of investments is always important. We help with best practices and proven know-how on how to maximise efficiency across the organisation.

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Modern data infrastructure

Storing and managing data used to be extremely hard and very expensive but with the shift to cloud and increasing maturity of modern tools this is often no longer the case. We help our clients with defining the right data architecture, provide implementation support and help with scalability and improvements.

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Experience and project examples

Together, we have a long experience of everything from defining goal images and working methods, to building new infrastructure. In addition to the many years of experience from different types of consulting assignments, some of us also have many years of experience in building analytical skills in various leading line roles.

Setting up and leading a data driven transformation

We helped an energy company set up a data-driven transformation program aiming at increasing profitability and efficiency. Together with the client we established a central analytics team, defined ways of working and led data initiatives such as an anomaly detection system that realised over 20msek in value.

Started a journey towards price optimization

We helped the leading e-commerce player to begin the journey at optimized prices. Our work led to an increased understanding of what data and skills were needed, as well as a price optimization model. The model aimed to begin the work of exploring the results that different prices give.

Supporting the move towards a Data Mesh architecture

We helped a leading fintech take their first steps towards a data mesh architecture. The client had reached a point where the data team was overloaded with work and could not keep up with the needs of an increasingly more data-driven organisation. Together with the client we implemented a distributed model powered by dbt cloud that enabled the analytics teams to build and own their data models leading to a big increase in productivity.

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