Make data your edge

We are passionate about data and believe it has the potential to transform businesses as well as our society for the better. If you share our passion, or simply are curious to learn more, we would love to discuss how we can work together.

How we're different

Our experience has taught us that systematically creating value from data requires a combination of different disciplines, skills and perspectives. It's not enough to implement new technologies or to buy a new tool, yet this is often what marketing suggests. We obsess over understanding our clients needs and then assemble the right skills to deliver working end-to-end solutions.


Business Development

Our view is that investments in data and analytics should be made with tangible business outcomes in my mind. We help our clients identify their potential, develop the right strategy and help them unlock business value by delivering working end-to-end solutions.



Analytics is the art of transforming raw data into valuable insights. Whether that means defining and visualising your metrics or building sophisticated machine learning solutions, we help our clients define their problems and then pick the right solution to implement.


Data & Infrastructure

Collecting, storing and processing data in an efficient way is a key enabler for analytics and data science. We have experience from many of the leading tech companies and help our clients build scalable and cost effective data platforms, from on-prem to cloud.

Our services

Data and Analytics is under constant change and evolution. Long-lived fundamentals are being questioned with new technologies and ways of working that promise to relieve pain points felt for many years. At Data Edge we acknowledge both the old and the new and our services aim to help you drive value from your data, regardless of your starting point.

  • Strategy & Leadership

    We help with defining clear objectives, develop efficient strategies and provide guidance during the journey towards the desired outcomes
  • Value realisation

    We help with creating value by designing, building and implementing end-to-end solutions
  • Capabilities & Organisation

    We help with identifying and implementing the needed capabilities and make sure that the organisation is set up correctly
  • Ways of working

    We help with best practices and know-how on how to maximise efficiency and accuracy across the organisation
  • Modern data infrastructure

    We help with defining the right data architecture, provides implementation support and help with scalability and improvements

Our customers say

"The guidance and know-how of Data Edge really helped us in taking our data platform and strategy to the next level. While we already had a cloud-native setup in place, the experience with data mesh architectures and know-how in what tools to pick and how to align the data and analytics organizations internally improved our capabilities and results significantly. Their experience in working with data and flows helped us in accelerating our work and is core for where our data strategy is today."

Let's have a chat!

By now you know a bit about us. We would love to meet and learn more about you and your challenges and ambitions. Just leave us a message and we'll get back to you asap.